The Story

A son of a fisherman and a trouble maker. One day was given a usual list of chores to run. However, one thing that wasn't usual is the award.

You father promised you that once all the chores will be done he will teach you how to fish. With a hook and a bate and all of that! The big time dream is finally coming true. You will learn you fathers craft and you will conquer the sea! Or will it conquer you?

The Setting

Welcome to the Little Bay. A tiny village partly located on a rocky sea coast. Here the nights are warm and the days are long. The village has approximately 100 inhabitants. This includes your regular farmers, vendors, artisans, and of course fishermen. Every villager here has their own story to tell and a life to live.

Every Sunday of the week the village has a market day. Hundreds of sailors, vendors and travelers come to this place to enjoy their time and make coins.

To the east of the village there is a farm. You don't know how big it is but you can see it stretches all the way to the horizon. This is the place where potatoes, wheat and carrots come from. They also probably have some watermelons but you have never been there.

The Game

The Sea Monsters is a story-driven action-adventure game that takes place in a medival village near a sea. Most of the time you are going to be exploring places, doing quests and solving puzzles.

About Us

We are a team of two people based in the Netherlands. The idea for the game came up 4 months ago and we've been working passionately on it since then.

We dedicate to the game as much of our free time as possible. Nevertheless, it's nowhere near as much as we'd like it to be. If you would us to work on the game full-time and make the release happen faster, please consider supporting us on Patreon. Your help will be greatly appreciated. In addition our supporters get to see our development process. Design sketches, behind the scenes frequent Q&As and much more.

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